MNEM Charter


The purpose of the Minnesota Enterprise Mobile group is to share knowledge, experiences and lessons learned with the development community regarding enterprise mobile development with a focus on cross platform application development and the Xamarin toolset.

The goals of the group are the following:

  • Investigate the enterprise mobile landscape identifying problems and potential solutions
  • Engage the enterprise community to drive the content of the meetings

The Minnesota Enterprise Mobile User Group is a joint effort managed by a board composed of independent developers and RBA Consulting.

The board members are:

  • Steve Killingbeck – independent developer
  • Adam Zucchi – independent developer
  • Joe Koletar – RBA Mobile Solution Lead
  • Mike Jones – RBA Application Development Practice Manager

All members of the Enterprise Mobility community are welcome to participate in meetings, but the board has the final say over the meeting formats and content.

RBA is the primary sponsor (and funder) of the group and is the exclusive Corporate Services sponsor of the group. RBA should be viewed as a facilitator of the group; the group is not an overt RBA marketing instrument.
RBA will host the invitation and registration process, and have primary responsibility for identifying and paying for meeting facilities, food and drinks, etc.
Other sponsors of the user group will be considered but not required. Ideally the group will have active user/client involvement and leadership in the group. Product companies, Device companies, etc. would be potential 2nd tier sponsors that could provide supplemental funding, but not openly conflict with the priorities/goals of the founding board members.

Steve and Adam will be the primary keepers of the group’s online presence. The group’s presence is maintained via the following channels:

  • Website
  • Linked In Group
  • Meetup Group
  • Steve or Adam to add details

The group will meet monthly. The frequency of meetings will be adjusted as needed to support demand. It is anticipated that meetings will alternate between a technical and a mobile strategy focus. Initially, there will be two technical meetings for each strategic meeting.
The technical meetings will be held in the evening. The strategic meetings may be held over lunch or in the evening.
Meetings will be held at roving locations throughout the twin cities. Potential spaces are the ??? Training center in St Paul, CoCo MSP, Microsoft MTC, RBA Wayzata Office. If needed public library space could be rented.

The first meeting is targeted for September 2013. The first two meetings should be planned prior to holding the first meeting, so as to be able to announce the second meeting at the first one. The goal is to attract 30-50 attendees.
The technical meeting format will consist of a headline talk for about 45 minutes followed by 2-3 short demos. The demos should showcase relevant mobile apps and take 5-10 minutes.
The mobile strategy meeting format is TBD.

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